Faith, Hope and Love

06-28-2020Formed Suggestion of the Week

Bishop Fulton J. Sheen is eloquence at its very best. These timeless messages offer inspiring guidance, encouragement, peace of mind, and spiritual comfort that will touch the heart. Ages of Man — Drawing from Shakespeare, Bishop Fulton J. Sheen ponders the seven ages of man. Works from Confucius, Solomon, Modern Psychology and Biology also provide ages of man that Bishop Sheen compares and contrasts. This episode also speaks to the pilgrimage we are on as we fulfill our destiny. Temptation —Bishop Fulton J. Sheen, remembered for his humor and conversational manner, explains the psychology of temptation in this memorable episode. Using illustrations and personal stories, Bishop Sheen teaches how the temptation to sin grows from the act, to the habit, to compulsion. Learn how compulsion is not a sickness or disease, but rather sin, and how with God we can live a life of obedience.

06-17-2020Formed Suggestion of the Week

Conquering Coronavirus: Whether the coronavirus still threatens you, your friends, and your family or has harmed someone you love, this page will ease your fears, heal your wounds, quench your sorrow, and bring you the consolation God provides to all who seek him in pestilential times like these — times that are, in fact, not foreign to our ancient faith.


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06-14-2020Formed Suggestion of the Week

Pass It On: is a series of presentations for parents who want to equip their children well for their life’s journey. Through 15 presentations, the authors, speakers, and experts in their respective fields offer their wisdom and experience to encourage and challenge parents as they wrestle with what they should be putting into their children’s backpacks. Each episode is filled with practical suggestions and helpful insights for moms and dads who want to hand on the faith to their children.couples who want to grow in clarity and unity as they embrace their parenting role together.

These sessions also make an excellent springboard for group discussion and sharing, allowing parents to learn from the experiences of other parents. Each presentation can stand on its own with very little preparation. The Pass It On series can easily be used by moms or parent groups, in-home or parish settings. A downloadable discussion guide for the series is available. Each presentation is about 20 minutes in length. 


Protecting Innocence: Matt Fradd, a best-selling Catholic author, presents new data to show how the changes in the types and accessibility of pornography being promoted today make it far more dangerous and harmful than ever before. Matt draws from a wealth of experience to guide parents in taking decisive action to protect their children, and he empowers adults with specific wording to effectively address this sensitive topic with children of all ages before they encounter pornography or after they've been exposed to it.

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06-07-2020Formed Suggestion of the Week

Light Of Love: We often have ideas of religious life... either kneeling in a conventor out in the streets assisting the poor. While both of these scenesare essential to the life as a sister, Light of Love takes a deeperlook into understanding the call... the "why" of religious life. Byinterviewing five sisters from five orders across the United States,the film places viewers face to face in intimate conversations withthese amazing women. What does it mean to be called? What arethe struggles of religious life? How have you seen God movethrough your ministry? These questions and others are addressedthroughout the film.

The film itself is very simple: 60 minutes designed for viewers to quiet their surroundings and enter into theconvent, the food pantry, the hospital, and the chapel. With minimal music and simple visuals, Light of Lovegives viewers a look into the lives, suffering, and joys of religious life captured in a way like never before.

Lead Kindly Light: An influential teacher, a distinguished theologian, a man whoendured many trials, a father of souls—Blessed John Henry Newman(1801 - 1890) remains as fresh and relevant today as he was duringhis lifetime. In this engaging film, Fr. Nicholas Schofield and Fr.Marcus Holden, hosts of several other Ignatius films, present theinspiring story of Newman's life and visit the places in England wherehe lived and worked. From London to Oxford, from Littlemore toBirmingham, each revealing an important stage of Newman's life.Along the way they explore his writings and teachings, his pastoralzeal for his students and parishioners, his journey of conversion to the Catholic faith, and his enduringmessage for Christians of today.

Listen Up! If finding the time to sit down with a book is seemingly impossible, try out some of the audio offerings on Formed.

05-31-2020Formed Suggestion of the Week

Beyond Belief: Fr. Michael Schmitz tackles some of the most difficult topics in the Church today with humor, clarity, and theological truth. In this talk, he challenges us not to settle for mediocrity and to allow Christ to change our lives. Once we are changed by the love of Jesus, then together we can change the world.

My Conversion Diary: Jennifer Fulwiler is a popular writer and speaker from Austin, Texas. In this compelling presentation, she recalls her spiritual journey—one that ultimately led her to enter the Catholic Church after a life of atheism. Jennifer is a regular contributor to the National CatholicRegister and frequently appears on Catholic radio and EWTN. She chronicles her experiences of faith and family life on her popular blog,

Ebook Suggestions for Readers of all Ages

05-24-2020Formed Suggestion of the Week

The Chime Travelers Series: When Patrick has to work on his church’s cleaning team on a Saturday, he thinks his weekend fun is ruined. But when the old church bells start chiming, Patrick and his pet frog, Francis, are suddenly taken back through time to ancient Ireland. Will the strange shepherd he meets be able to help him get home, or will Patrick be stuck taking care of sheep in the rain and mud forever? Find out in The Secret of the Shamrock.



Keep the Kids Engaged!

05-17-2020Formed Suggestion of the Week

The Witness Trilogy: Discover the power and love of Jesus Christ and see whyhis followers risked all to carry his message to the ends ofthe earth. Children and adults alike will be captivated by thisaccount of Jesus’s life, featuring vivid storytelling and highimpact animation. Recommended for ages 7 and up.


The Faithful Traveler in the Holy Land

05-10-2020Formed Suggestion of the Week

For all you travelers who have been grounded by the coronavirus, here’s a chance to take a virtual tour of the Holy Land. “The Faithful Traveler inthe Holy Land” TV series explores sacred sites throughout Israel and Palestine, including Bethlehem, Nazareth, Jericho, Jerusalem, the Dead Sea, the Jordan River, the Sea of Galilee, Ein Karem, Qumran, and more! It’s a great way to see the sites you read about in the Bible or possibly plan for a future trip!


Ignatius of Loyola

05-06-2020Formed Suggestion of the Week

This modern and very human take on the story of St. Ignatius of Loyola, the founder of the Jesuits, often called "The Saint of Second Chances," is an incisive and thrilling look at the life of the real man behind the legend. In his lifelong quest to become the heroic knight of his fantasies, Ignatius stares death in the face again and again, having his leg shattered by a cannonball in battle, driven to near suicide by his inner demons, finding himself imprisoned, accused of being an illuminati, and finally finding his life in the hands of the Inquisition. Through it all, he would come to see the hand of God working in his life, shaping the self-obsessed sinner into the loyal and passionate soldier-saint.


The Faithful Traveler

05-03-2020Formed Suggestion of the Week

In these days of quarantine, we may not be able to vacation and explore different parts of the country, but “The Faithful Traveler” can do the traveling for you. This series explores some of the Catholic shrines and places of pilgrimage in Pennsylvania, Maryland, New York, and New Jersey. The series consists of 13 half-hour episodes, each exploring one or more sites on the East Coast.



04-26-2020Formed Suggestion of the Week

Two men separated by 100 years are united in their search for freedom. In 1856 a slave, Samuel Woodward, and his family escape from the Monroe Plantation near Richmond, Virginia. A secret network of ordinary people known as the Underground Railroad guide the family on their journey north to Canada. They are relentlessly pursued by the notorious slave hunter Plimpton. Hunted like a dog and haunted by the unthinkable suffering he and his forbears have endured, Samuel is forced to decide between revenge or freedom. A hundred years earlier in 1748, John Newton, the captain of a slave trader, sails from Africa with a cargo of slaves bound for America. On board is Samuel’s great grandfather, whose survival is tied to the fate of Captain Newton. The voyage changes Newton’s life forever and he creates a legacy that will inspire Samuel and the lives of millions for generations to come. Rated PG-13.


Divine Mercy 101 with Fr. Chris Alar, MIC

04-19-2020Formed Suggestion of the Week

This Sunday is Divine Mercy Sunday. Learn more about this powerful devotion that has an urgent message for our world in this dynamic presentation with Fr. Chris Alar, MIC. Divine Mercy 101 provides a clear and concise overview of Divine Mercy and the role and mission of St. Maria Faustina Kowalska (1905-1938), the apostle of Divine Mercy whom St. John Paul II called "a gift of God to our time.” Those who are new to Divine Mercy as well as those looking to achieve an advanced level of knowledge will find this presentation ideal.


Did Jesus Really Rise from the Dead?

04-12-2020Formed Suggestion of the Week

As the Apostle Paul states, if Christ has not been raised, then Christian faith is in vain. The resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth is not an incidental or minor aspect of Christianity. If Jesus did not rise from the dead, Christianity is certainly false.

Skeptics have long tried to show that there was no resurrection. Today, there has been a resurgence of attacks on this central truth of Christianity. Some people claim that the followers of Jesus fabricated the resurrection. Others argue that the disciples hallucinated or had a "vision" of their dead master, which they confused with a truly risen Jesus. Others still suggest that the resurrection was a myth or that the Apostles may have seen a spirit or witnessed a "spiritual resurrection" that had nothing to do with an empty tomb and the transformation of Jesus' dead body. Did Jesus Really Rise from the Dead? carefully scrutinizes the historical evidence. Rather than accept Christian belief blindly, top scholars, and biblical historians critically examine alternative explanations. In the end, they show why it is a matter of sound reason as well as faith to affirm what the early Church proclaimed: Jesus is risen.

A fascinating, fast-paced, exciting exploration of Jesus's fate, Did Jesus Really Rise from the Dead? shows how Jesus' resurrection has consequences for every one of us.


The Passion of Christ in Light of the Holy Shroud of Turin by Fr. Francis Peffley

04-05-2020Formed Suggestion of the Week

As we enter Holy Week, it is good to reflect on the great sacrifice made for us by Jesus. This video on the Shroud of Turin, helps us to see the extent of Christ's suffering for us. The Holy Shroud of Turin was called the greatest relic in Christendom by Pope St. John Paul II. In fact, the Shroud is the most studied scientific object in the entire world. Fr. Peffley presents new, detailed scientific and medical evidence for the authenticity of the Holy Shroud. This presentation brings greater clarity to the depth of the agony of our Lord's sorrowful Passion, which he voluntarily took on for love of us. The Holy Shroud of Turin was called the greatest relic in Christendom by Pope St. John Paul II. In fact, the Shroud is the most studied scientific object in the entire world. Fr. Peffley presents new, detailed scientific and medical evidence for the authenticity of the Holy Shroud. This presentation brings greater clarity to the depth of the agony of our Lord's sorrowful Passion, which he voluntarily took on for love of us.