With God in Russia

10-24-2021Formed Suggestion of the Week

Well known for his heroic story of surviving 24 years in Russian prison camps, this film about the great Jesuit Fr. Walter Ciszek traces his incredible endurance and struggle for survival. It highlights his tremendous faith in God, and the remarkable impact his life has had on the resurgence of Catholicism in Russia, as seen with on location footage from around the world.

St. John Paul the Great by Jason Evert

10-17-2021Formed Suggestion of the Week

Discover the five great loves of Pope Saint John Paul II as Jason Evert, renowned Catholic speaker and author, shares remarkable stories about this saint's life from those who knew him, including bishops, students whom he taught, and Swiss Guards who interacted with him daily. Jason presents a wealth of insights about this holy man who promoted devotion to Divine Mercy and Marian consecration, helped defeat communism in Europe, wrote the Theology of the Body, and embraced young people like no other.

John XXIII: The Pope of Peace / Saint Teresa of Avila: A true Reformer

10-10-2021Formed Suggestion of the Week

John XXIII: The Pope of Peace

This movie tells the whole life story of John XXIII from his youth through his young priesthood, episcopacy, life as a cardinal, and eventually his life as Pope. Elected supposedly as an "interim Pope" who would just keep the status quo and listen to the advisers around him, John XXIII proved to be his own man when he surprised the Church and wolrd by calling for the Second Vatican Council

Saint Teresa of Avila: A True Reformer by Christopher Blum

Dr. Christopher Blum unfolds the inspiring life of St. Teresa and her important role in the Catholic Reformation. After having already been a nun for twenty years, she had a radical transformation in her own life and then became one of the most powerful forces for bringing about conversion and positive change in the history of the Church. Listen and learn about this Mystic, Doctor of the Church, and True Reformer.

Clare and Francis

10-03-2021Formed Suggestion of the Week

This outstanding movie is unique among films about St. Francis because of the historical accuracy of the story and its authentic spirit of joy and piety so characteristic of Francis, as well as the major role played by Clare, who is given equal stature with him. Both found major religious orders, and together they inspire many to follow their radical call to live the Gospel. Their impact has reached across the centuries to change the world.

The Sacrament of Penance

09-19-2021Formed Suggestion of the Week

Speaking on reconciliation, Fr. William Casey, Superior General of the Fathers of Mercy, reminds us that confession, the forgotten Sacrament, is the ordinary means for the forgiveness of mortal sins after baptism and a veritable treasury of graces and spiritual strength for us in our daily struggles against temptation and sin. Discover how this Sacrament can transform your life if you allow it!

The Saints and Heroes Collection - For the Kids!

09-12-2021Formed Suggestion of the Week

Who do your children look up to? Give them some real heroes with The Saints and Heroes Collection. The Stories of real-life Saints and Christian Heroes all come to life in CCC of America's award-winning animated film series. Featuring authentic role models today's child can truly believe in.

Loving and Serving the Poor

09-05-2021Formed Suggestion of the Week

How do we view those less fortunate than us? How do we love them, serve them, and help them encounter Christ? These questions are challenging, and honestly, much easier to avoid by dropping a few dollars into a special collection for the poor. While this act is generous, Christ calls us to so much more: a life fully alive in service to others.

Let Franciscan friar Fr. Mark Mary Ames, CFR be your guide to clarity around this challenging topic with stories, ideas, strategies, and challenges for Catholics of every background. His course will truly transform your mind, heart, and life as a disciple on mission and as a Christian in service to others.

Restless Heart

08-22-2021Formed Suggestion of the Week

Filmed in Europe, this first full-length feature movie on St. Augustine uses a historic backdrop to tell the true story of one of the Church's most beloved and well-known saints. Its message of sin, conversion, and redemption is as timely today as it was in the fifth century. It is the story of a gifted man who pursues fame and fortune without a moral compass—and the dramatic changes that occur in his soul when challenging events lead him to see the light of truth. It also chronicles the collapse of the Roman world and how Augustine laid the intellectual foundations of what would later become Europe. Alongside Augustine, the stories of two other great saints, Monica and Ambrose, are also portrayed.

The Wealth of Poverty

08-15-2021Formed Suggestion of the Week

What is the true meaning of "to be rich?"

This mini-documentary created from interviews and footage, examines the question of where true wealth lies and celebrates the life St. Francis of Assisi and his dedication to the poor.

The Early Christians

08-08-2021Formed Suggestion of the Week

How did the religion of Love survive paganism and barbarianism? The Empire persecuted the Christians and was eventually converted. The Barbarians sacked Rome, but were converted too. How did the religion of Love manage to survive against paganism and barbarianism? How did the first Christians live? Who were their most terrible enemies: idols, lions, Jews... or heretics? How did they defend their faith? How did they propagate it? The blood of the martyrs was the seed for new Christians. But after the persecutions of the Romans and the barbarian invasions came another grave danger for the new religion: heresies... They would not be lethal. On the contrary, they provided the opportunity to define the essential truths of Christian faith, consolidating the roots of a millennial Church. This in-depth new film series produced in Europe explores this amazing story of the witness of the early Christians and the spread of Christianity.

Solanus Casey: Priest, Porter, Prophet

08-01-2021Formed Suggestion of the Week

This extraordinary film explores the heroic life of a remarkable, modern-day mystic, Father Solanus Casey, who was relegated to doing little more than being a simple doorman in his monastery. But God would transform the role his superiors assigned him, appointing it a far greater significance to be continued even beyond his earthly life: that of prophet, healer, and intercessor.