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Statue of St. Patrick in the Church
Logo for St. Patrick’s Parish of Smithtown

Smithtown, NY

April 13th, 2014

Palm Sunday
of the Passion of the Lord

Please continue to say the following prayers each day
as we seek God’s guidance, strength and courage

Gracious God, we are your people embraced by your love. We thank you for your presence with us throughout all time. Create us anew. Liberate us from that which keeps us from you. Enable us to recreate our world and restore justice. Heal us from every form of sin and violence. Transform us to live your Word more profoundly. Reconcile us so enemies become friends. Awaken us to the sacred; nurture our relationships. Enliven our parishes; reunite our families. Fill us with joy to celebrate the fullness of life. Empower us to be a community of love growing in your likeness. Amen.

Thank you Father for the gift of life. Thank you for the gift of your Son Jesus. May my gratitude inspire and sustain me in doing everything I can to respect the lives of all people and to do all in my power to end abortion and everything else that harms, abuses, or threatens human life. Give me the courage and strength to live in your image each day. Amen.

RCIA - Third Scrutiny
(Picture 1)

Catechumens and candidates in our RCIA program participated in the third and final Scrutiny last Sunday. Please pray for them as they prepare to receive sacraments at the Easter Vigil. The Third RCIA Scrutiny

Our Lenten Parish Project
(Pictures 2-5)

This is the final week of our Parish Lenten Project. Fr. George Akyeampong reports that his parishioners are carrying stones and mortar with great joy as they build their “mighty church.” Please be as generous as your means will allow in donating to our Parish Lenten Project as we help the people of Dobro, Ghana fulfill their dream of building a church.

Parish highlights for April 13, 2014
Schedule of Liturgical Services For
Holy Week and Easter

Holy Week is the most sacred time of the year, for it is now that we will commemorate and remember the last week of Jesus’ life on this earth, his death and resurrection  The greatest focus of the week is on the Passion (suffering) and Resurrection of Jesus Christ and the events that led up to it.

The week begins with Palm Sunday, which marks Jesus’ triumphant entry into Jerusalem.  The central symbol of this day is the procession and distribution of blessed palms during the Mass which is also marked by the reading of the Gospel Passion story.

We also devote our time to set aside Holy Monday as a day of atonement, where we (if we have not already done so) take part in the great sacrament of Reconciliation.  We remember that it was our sins that nailed our Lord to the cross  Through our confession and penance, we give up our faults, express our regret and ask for His bountiful forgiveness.

Especially important for Catholics is the Easter Triduum. This is the three days just before Easter.  On Holy Thursday, we represent the Lord’s Last Supper, which He shared with His apostles on the night He was betrayed and arrested.  This is one of the most beautiful liturgies of the entire liturgical year.  Our priests wash the feet of 12 people, usually our RCIA catechumens and candidates as a sign of their service to God’s people.

On Good Friday, the day of the crucifixion and death of our Lord, we have our final Stations of the Cross prayer service.  At 3:00 p.m. it is poignantly presented by our wonderful parish youth.  At the evening service, noted for its quietness and starkness, we go forward in a spirit of veneration and kiss the Cross as we remember the price Christ paid for our redemption.  There is no consecration of the Eucharist on this day, and the Communion we receive will be from the night before.  To mark the death of Christ, the tabernacle is left empty and the doors are open.

Holy Saturday cumulates in the Vigil Mass.  As the Mass begins, we, like the world, are keep in darkness.  As the Bible readings progress, light once more fills the Church as we anticipate the coming of the resurrected Lord. The gates to heaven are now opened through his paying the price for our sins on the Cross.  Our salvation is at hand.  On this night, those who have journey towards Christ through our R.C.I.A. program will be joyfully Baptized and Confirmed into the Catholic Church for the first time.

Easter Sunday is the most glorious and holy Feast of the year.  Our Lord Is Risen! We now raise up our voices and sing...Hallelujah! Hallelujah!  Everything in Holy Week has been building towards this moment.  Come journey with us as we follow Jesus from His triumphal entry, His betrayal, His suffering, His death and His final Triumphant Salvific Resurrection!

Risen Christ at the tomb
Holy Week
Palm Sunday
Saturday Vigil Masses
5:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m.
7:30, 9:00 and 10:30 a.m.
12:00 Noon and 5 p.m..
Holy Monday
3:00 P.M. and 9:00 p.m.
Confessions will also be heard on...
Good Friday
Following the 3:00 P.M. Stations
Holy Saturday
3:45 to 4:45 p.m.
Holy Thursday
9:00 a.m. 
8:00 p.m. 
Morning Prayer
Evening Mass of the
Lord’s Supper
Good Friday
9:00 a.m. 
12 Noon 
3:00 p.m.
7:30 p.m. 
Morning Prayer
Stations of the Cross
Stations of the Cross
(Youth Presentation)
will be heard
after the
“Stations of the Cross”
Celebraton of the
Lord’s Passion
9:00 a.m.
3:45 p.m.to 
8:00 p.m.
Morning Prayer
4:45 p.m. Confession
Easter Vigil
(Only Mass of the Day)
Holy Saturday
Easter Sunday
7:30 a.m. 
9:00 a.m. 
10:30 a.m. 
12 Noon 
(No 5:00 p.m.
Mass in the Church
Mass in the Church
& Canning Hall
Mass in the Church
& Canning Hall
Mass in the Church
& Canning Hall
Mass on Easter Sunday)
He is Risen

St Patrick’s of Smithtown

Welcome to the Parish

This Week in the Parish

As Catholics, a central tenant of our faith is giving thanks to our God for all His generous gifts.  The CMA or “Catholic Ministries Appeal” allows us to share these gifts in many different ways; through prayer, through gifts of time and talent and by sharing our financial resources. More than 550,000 of our sisters and brothers receive support and assistance from funds shared through the CMA each year.

Feeding the hungry, providing religious education for thousands of students, educating our seminarians, deacons, and lay people for service to the Church and her people, housing the homeless, caring for the sick in hospitals and helping people prepare for the Sacraments are among the vital ministries the Catholic Ministries Appeal supports.

Please consider making a gift to the Catholic Ministries Appeal, which supports all this wonderful and important programs that make a real difference in the lives of so many people.

For more information about the Catholic Ministries Appeal, please visit www.CatholicMinistriesAppeal.org or call 516-379-5210 ext. 2.

“For I was hungry and you gave me food,
I was thirsty and you gave me drink,
a stranger and you welcomed me...”
“...Amen, I say to you,
whatever you did for one of these least brothers of mine,
you did for me.”
Mt. 25: 35,40
Annus Sacerdotalis Logo - small

Pray For Our Priests

Please remember to keep our priests in your prayers.  This week, we ask that you pray especially for the following priests from our diocese:

April 13th
Bishop John C. Dunne
April 14th
Msgr. Charles Ribaudo & Msgr. John Alesandro
April 15th
Rev. Gregory Breen & Rev. Theodore Murphy SMM
April 16th
Rev. James Isabakaki & Rev. Michael Vetrano
April 17th
All Priests
April 18th
Rev. George Punti & Rev. Lawrence Chadwick
April 19th
Rev. Robert Lubrano & Msgr. James Bossel

“To become a priest or a religious is not primarily our choice; it is our answer to a calling, a calling of love.rdquo;

- Pope Francis

St Patrick's Parish Outreach Logo

Parish Social Ministry

What is Parish Outreach

A helping hand when you can’t cope with an emergency; food, financial assistance, housing, employment in crisis situations when resources are available .... (read more)

We are only a phone call away. Please call 265-2668, Monday - Friday, 9 AM to 3

Ministry of Consolation

We are happy to share with you a note we received which expresses gratitude for your generosity at Christmas.

A ministry that has taken root in our diocese called “The Ministry of Consolation” has become a vital part of our parish life, generating praise and appreciation. It is a ministry where lay people become involved in ministering to parishioners at the time of the funeral rites. The death of a Christian provides the Christian community the opportunity to express care and concern toward those who mourn. Outreach, at the time of death, brings comfort to those experiencing a loss, and revitalizes parish life for those involved in the ministry. At this time we are in need of volunteers willing to join us in carrying out this life-giving ministry. We especially need people who are able to attend the Funeral Mass. Please call Parish Outreach at 265-2668 for further information on this rewarding ministry. We will be happy to explain the program further and answer any questions you may have as you contemplate your involvement. We ask you to pray for our wonderful ministers who bless this parish with their dedication and compassion.

God bless you for your compassion for others!

Reach Out And Read
Reach Out

Do you have any new or gently used children’s books you would like to give to underprivileged children? Reach Out and Read works through doctors, nurse practitioners and other medical professionals to provide books and encourage reading, particularly among children in lower income families. More than 6.2 million books are provided through Reach Out and Read each year. Watch the bulletin for more information.

St. Patrick School
School Families!

Our tough economic times have made it difficult for some of our St. Patrick School families to afford tuition costs. If you would like to help our school families in providing a Catholic education for their children, please call Fr. Walden at the rectory, 631-265-2271.

St. Patrick School
Needed For
Hospice Patients!

Do you have yarn sitting in a closet that will likely never be used? Then donate it! Fr. Fred Hill is looking for donations of yarn for those who make lap blankets for hospice patients. St. Catherine of Siena Nursing Home distributes approximately 70 lap blankets per month. Donations may be dropped off at the St. Patrick’s rectory.

St. Patrick R.C. Church
280 East Main Street
Smithtown, NY 11787

Mass Times

Today's Mass Readings

6:45am, 9:00am, 12:10pm
9:00am, 5:00pm, 8:00pm
7:30am, 9:00am,
10:30am, 12:00pm
Main Rectory Phone #:

Are you a card carrying member of our parish?
Stylized St. Patrick Membership Card
At St. Patrick’s we don’t have membership cards because everyone is always welcome! But if you attend or are planning on attending Mass here, and are NOT registered with the parish, please fill out a registration form and return it to the Rectory. Please help us get to know you better so that you can best take advantage of everything our parish has to offer.

Mass For The Dead
Is Open
Stop by the Rectory to order Masses for your departed loved ones, or for other intentions.  Please note that the Mass Book fills quickly.

St. Patrick’s School has been preparing children to maximize their potential and to lead a life firmly anchored in their belief and trust in Christ for about 40 years.  As we think back on those years, one thought keeps coming to mind, We miss you!  St. Patrick’s would love to be able to inform you of the latest happenings at the school and special alumni events. (read more...)

Cathoic Schools - Characters, Compassion, Values

Are You Considering Catholic Education?

St. Patrick School serves students and their families in nursery school through eighth grade.  The mission of the school is to provide for the safety, education, and gradual growth of the whole child; spiritually, intellectually, socially, emotionally and physically. 
For more information, call 724- 0285, visit the St. Patrick School web site at www.spssmith.org or mark your calendar for the school’s open house on Sunday, January 27th from 1-3 PM.


LifeNet Logo

We are
here to
“Be There”
for those
who need us.

LifeNet is a program offered by St. Patrick Parish in Smithtown which was established to assist and support those women and their families experiencing an unplanned pregnancy.

LifeNet seeks to reveal that there are alternatives to abortion, that women and families do not have to face these alternatives alone, and that the volunteers/helpers of LifeNet stand ready to help them bring life to its term.

LifeNet’s trained volunteers/helpers reach out to those n an unplanned or crisis pregnancy by offering a safe, non-judgmental atmosphere in which needs may be shared and support offered through the nine months and beyond.

LifeNet’s volunteers and helpers offer confidential support, information abd referral for community services and counseling. Call St. Patrick Parish Outreach at 265-2271 for information.

Health Care Proxy Icon

Do You Have A

Health Care Proxy?

A “Health Care Proxy” provides a way to make the very difficult issues of end-of-life care easier by allowing the expressed wishes of the patient to be followed in a proper manner. It can help remove much of the stress that these decisions bring to loved ones and family members. As practicing Catholics, having a Health Care Proxy, helps our passing become what it should be - a hopeful, glorious journey to life everlasting in the company of our Lord and Savior.

Calendar Heading

Friday, April 4, 2014
12:10 p.m. to 3:30 p.m.
in the Church.
First Friday
Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament
On the “First Friday” of the we will have Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament following the 12:10 p.m. Mass until 3:30 p.m. in the church.  The Chaplet of Divine Mercy will be recited at 3:00 p.m.  Please join us as we adore our Lord Jesus.

Friday, April 4, 2014
7:00 p.m.
Room 209 in St. Patrick School
Rosary Makers
Rosary Makers Monthly Meeting
Join with others making Rosaries and spreading devotion to Our Blessed Mother. All ages welcome. For more information please call 804-7222.

Saturday, April 5, 2014
8:15 a.m.
St. Patrick Church
First Saturday Devotion
First Saturday Devotion
Whether you pray the Rosary every day or have never prayed it at all, we invite you to join us.  Rosary beads and prayers will be provided for everyone to follow along.  For more information, email: legionofmary @stpatricksmithtown.org or call Lana at 631-374-1116.

Weekend of April 5 & 6, 2014
After All Masses
St. Patrick Church
Hungry and Homeless Collection Box
Hungry and Homeless
On first weekend of each month, we have a special collection for the Hungry and Homeless. Please look for the Hungry & Homeless boxes at the church exits and be generous in sharing God’s blessings with those in great need.

Sunday, April 6, 2014
After the 9:00 a.m. Mass
& the 10:30 a.m. Mass
Canning Hall:
in St. Patrick School.
Hospitality Sunday
Hospitality Sunday
Here at St. Patrick’s the first Sunday of the Month is Hospitality Sunday! Please join us after the 9:00 a.m. and 10:30 a.m. Masses for coffee, tea, bagels, pasties and one another’s company in Canning Hall!

Sunday, April 6, 2014
12:00 Noon Mass
St. Patrick Church
Wedding Vow Renewals
Is Your Wedding Anniversary In February? Renew Your Marriage Vows!
All couples are invited to renew their vows and recieve a special blessing at the Noon Mass of the first Sunday of each month. We encourage all to participate in this very special tribute. Call the Rectory for details — 631-265-2271

Monday, April 7, 2014
7:00 p.m. Recitation of the Rosary.
7:30 p.m. Novena Mass.
The Meeting follows the Mass.
Rosary Recitation and Mass in St. Patrick Church.
The Meeting is held in Canning Hall in St. Patrick School.
Rosary Altar Society
Rosary Altar Society
The Rosary Altar Society meets on the First Monday of the month. Make friends, learn some new things, and experience the warmth and camaraderie of a great group of Catholic people. Each meeting begins with the recitation of the rosary at 7:00p.m. before the Novena Mass. After the Mass, join us for our meeting in Canning Hall in St. Patrick School.

Tuesday, Apirl 8, 2014
7:30 p.m.
Emmaus Room
in the St. Patrick School.
Sacred Heart Prayer Group
Sacred Heart Prayer Group
Do you need prayer or someone to pray with? The Sacred Heart Prayer group is a charismatic prayer group that meets every Tuesday evening at 7:30 PM in the Emmaus Room. We are looking for new members, young and old……All would be welcomed. We would especially like to reach out to anyone who might like to join our music ministry. If you have any questions, call Barbara Hall at (631) 366-0252.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014
7:30 p.m. - 9:30 p.m.
Session 5 of 5  
Room 108 in St. Patrick School
Instructor: Mrs. Elaina Kedjierski
Classes on: March 12th, 19th & 26th and April 2nd & 9th
Adult Faith Formation
St. Patrick Adult Faith Formation
“Morality: Living the Christian Life”
Learn More About Your Faith in 2014! Join us for classes offered by St. Patrick Adult Faith Formation. The current course explores the basic principles of Catholic Christian morality and decision making, and how they apply to today’s moral issues.  The course may be used for credit toward a Basic Theology Certificate or for personal faith enrichment.  ALL ARE WELCOME!  To register, call Becky at the rectory, 631-265-2271. The course is free for parishioners, $10 for non-parishioners.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014
at 1 p.m.
Knights of Columbus Hall
130 Lake Avenue South
Nesconset, NY
Calling All Seniors
Something For Seniors
Are you a senior citizen looking for some friends and fellowship? Try our Something for Seniors group! Something for Seniors meets on the second and fourth Wednesdays of the month. Come and enjoy interesting activities, speakers and more. All seniors are welcome! For more information, call Sister Rose at 265-4794.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014
at 1 p.m.
Knights of Columbus Hall
130 Lake Avenue South
Nesconset, NY
Calling All Seniors
Something For Seniors
Are you a senior citizen looking for some friends and fellowship? Try our Something for Seniors group! Something for Seniors meets on the second and fourth Wednesdays of the month. Come and enjoy interesting activities, speakers and more. All seniors are welcome! For more information, call Sister Rose at 265-4794.

Weekend of May 3 & 4, 2014
After All Masses
St. Patrick Church
Hungry and Homeless Collection Box
Hungry and Homeless
On first weekend of each month, we have a special collection for the Hungry and Homeless. Please look for the Hungry & Homeless boxes at the church exits and be generous in sharing God’s blessings with those in great need.

Saturday, May 17, 2014
9:00 p.m.
After the 8:00 p.m. Mass
St. Patrick Church
Nocturnal Adoration Society
Nocturnal Adoration Society
Monthly Night of Prayer
Join us every third Saturday of the month for a night of prayer in front of the Sacred Sacrament. The first vigil (hour of prayer) will begin immediately after the 8 PM Saturday night Mass. Parishioners are encouraged to stay after Mass for Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament and may pray privately or with the Nocturnal Adoration group. The first vigil will be from 9:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. The vigils will continue throught the night. The last one will be from 6:00 a.m. to 7:00 a.m. followed by Benediction and the 7:30 a.m. Mass. All are invited to participate. Come and spend sometime with our Lord Jesus.

Sunday, May 18, 2014
10:00 a.m.
(after the 9:00 a.m. Mass)
Youth Enrichment Center
(located behind the school
between the east and west wings)
Coffee Cup
Coffee, Conversation & Event Planning
St. Patrick’s Singles Fellowship invites all 45-60+ Singles (widowed, separated, divorced, never married) to Coffee and Conversation. Come and help us plan group events, outings and more. Or just sit back and enjoy some great fellowship. For information, call 631-265-2668 weekdays between 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m.

Our Lenten Project

A Work in Progress - Over the past few years, the connection between our parish and Fr. George Akyeampong of Ghana has grown quite strong. Initially, Fr. George cameto our assistance whenever he was available in the summer to help out with priestly duties in our parish and as a chaplain at St. Catherine of Siena Medical Center. Once Fr. Walden learned of Fr. George’s parish in Ghana and the need for a church building, he decided to offer assistance in the other direction by raising funds for the building project during Lent. Last year, our connection with Fr. George took on another dimension when he came here for much needed surgery and resided in our parish during his recovery. All those who know Fr. George know him as a kind and joyful priest who has greatly blessed our parish with his presence. It is no wonder St. Patrick’s parishioners have responded generously to requests for donations for his parish. This year let’s “raise the roof” for Holy Family Parish in Dobro, Ghana. Donation containers will be placed at the exits of our church. Please be as generous as your means will allow!

2014 Lenten Project
Sacred Sacrament

Can you spare one hour per month?
Consider joining the

Nocturnal Adoration Society

What is the Nocturnal Adoration Society?

The Nocturnal Adoration Society is an association of Catholics dedicated to prayer before the Eucharist for the praise of God and for the needs of the world. Membership requires one thing only; to spend one hour, once a month during the hours of the night, in prayer before the Blessed Sacrament exposed in church. Here at St. Patrick’s, we worship in one hour shifts from 9 PM to 7 AM throughout the night on the third Saturday of each month. It is also an opportunity for each of us to respond to the plea of Jesus, “Could you not spend one hour with me?”

Why do members pray at night?

For reasons of convenience. For many people living in a fast-paced world, a night hour is often more easily set aside for prayer than one during the day and lends itself to praying in quiet, calm, and recollection.

For reasons of symbolism. Keeping vigil during the hours of the night - an ancient tradition among Christians - draws attention to God as the source of light and goodness amid human weakness and sin, and also stimulates a sense of spiritual preparedness and expectation.

Why do we pray before the Blessed Sacrament?

When praying before the exposed Eucharist, the mind and heart more easily give themselves to communion with Christ. By focusing attention on the sacramental sign of the memorial of the Lord in a spirit of adoration, thanksgiving, atonement, and petition, members seek to internalize and give witness to the significance of the Eucharist for Christian life.

To Join Us or for Further Information Please Call Pat McDonnell
at 265-5352 or E-mail Pmac79@aol.com

Church in Binoculars

You are Invited to

Tour our Church

The parish website has a new section dedicated to our church and all its sacred art and furnishings.  Learn the names of the various parts of the church.  Who is that Saint in the window?  Why does the saint in the corner have a big club? What is in that arched niche behind the lecturns? If you have wondered about these questions instead of focusing on the Homily, these articles are just what you need. 

Start the Tour

Calling all St. Pats Alumni

Calling all St. Patrick School Alumni

St. Patrick’s School has been preparing children to maximize their potential and to lead a life firmly anchored in their belief and trust in Christ for about 40 years.  As we think back on those years, one thought keeps coming to mind, We miss you!  St. Patrick’s would love to be able to inform you of the latest happenings at the school and special alumni events.

If you were a student of St. Patrick’s please consider sending us your contact information (Name, Address, Phone & Email).  Or if you have a family member or friend who attended the school, please let them know that we are "Calling All Alumni".

Please drop off or mail your contact information to the rectory.  You can also call at 631-265-2271 or email stpatrick@stpatricksmithtown.org

Church Envelopes Tips on Church Envelopes Use
& Faith Direct

In order to ensure an accurate record of your contributions to the parish, please place your donation in your church envelope and write the amount in the space provided.  If you lose or forget your envelope, please place your contribution in one of the temporary envelopes found in the pews (or in any envelope) and write your name, address, envelope number and the amount of your contribution on the outside.  If you do not receive envelopes on a monthly basis, call the rectory and we will be glad to order them for you. 

Faith Direct
Faith Direct

St. Patrick’s also offers parishioners the convenience of contributing through automatic deductions via Faith Direct. Our church number is NY51. .

Signing up for our automated giving program, Faith Direct is simple.  You can sign up online by going to www.faithdirect.net or stop by the rectory for a form to fill out and mail to Faith Direct. You may also call them at 866-507-8757.  When registering for the program, you will be asked for our church number which is:  NY51. Below are some frequently asked questions about Faith Direct.

How does Faith Direct work?  This secure program works directly with your bank, in the same way as other electronic funds transfer systems you may already conduct (such as utility bills or your mortgage payment).  All transactions are done electronically, debiting your bank account or charging your credit card automatically for the amount to which you have agreed in writing.  It is a hassle free, simple solution for today’s busy families.

Can any additional funds be taken from my account other than what I have authorized?  No!  The Faith Direct program is strictly regulated, and only you can designate the amount of money that may be debited on a monthly basis.  The Social Security Administration processes direct deposits of benefit payments for more than 18 million people each month, and not a single one has ever been lost. 

Can I stop, increase or decrease my payment at any time?  Yes, you can contact Faith Direct by calling us toll-free at 1-866-507-8757, or by using our email form.  You can also make changes by accessing your account online. 

How does my church benefit from my participation in Faith Direct?  Your church will see a substantial increase in net revenue, a decrease in administrative costs, and a clearer picture of cash flow for your church’s needs. 

I would feel strange not placing a check or envelope in the offering basket, what should I do?  We realize that the offertory collection is an important part of church services.  For those enrolled with Faith Direct we provide “offertory cards” to drop in the collection basket as a visible sign of your electronic donations.

2014 Catholic Ministries Appeal 2014 Catholic Ministries Appeal

2014 Catholic
Ministries Appeal

Serving God by Serving Others

“The Gifts We Have, We Are Given to Share”

Click Here to learn more

As stewards, we choose to live our lives in thanksgiving to our generous God. The Catholic Ministries Appeal allows us to share our gifts in many different ways; through prayer, through gifts of time and talent and by sharing our financial resources. More than 600,000 of our sisters and brothers receive support and assistance from funds shared through the CMA each year.

Be sure to identify your donation or pledge parish as “St. Patrick, Smithtown (#155)”, so that your pledge may be credited to our goal.

CMA 2013 montage

What does the Catholic Ministries Appeal Support?

  • Religious education to more than 110,000 students
  • Affordable and safe housing for seniors and mentally disabled adults
  • Food programs for seniors and low-income families
  • Youth and campus ministry for 75,000 young people
  • Priests’ and Deacons’ education and formation at the Seminary of the Immaculate Conception
  • Faith Formation, including parish baptismal, pre-Cana, and RCIA programs
  • Hospital ministry to more than 325,000 people each year
  • Prison ministry
  • Chemical dependence services and day treatment programs
  • Dominican Republic Mission
  • Catholic Diversity Initiatives

There is no other organization, person, or group on Long Island – other than the Catholic Church – that provides the breadth and depth of spiritual and social services to so many individuals and families.

Fr. Walden

From the Pastor’s Desk:

As we enter this Holy Week we reflect on how people pointed a finger at Jesus in mockery: “He saved others; He cannot save Himself.” (Matthew 27:42). Who needs saving today? Where do we need to be saved? Who are we responsible for saving or condemning?

Recently I saw a tape of a Frontline Show that was aired on Channel 13 on February 25th. Much of its focus was on child abuse by clergy. In the opening section a former priest who I was once stationed with spoke of how he was abused as young boy by the leader of the order he had joined. This leader not only abused him, but many other young men also. It was not until many years later that the abuser was removed. Child abuse is a horrid crime and a sin that darkens the life of its victims. In reality it is not only an evil that has been present in the Church, but in all of society. Who of us is not aghast at the pain revealed by the victims, so often many years later. When and how will healing come?

There is another form of child abuse in our society and in our world that so many people around the world and even those who profess to be Catholic turn a blind eye to and even support - the evil of abortion. As I continue to slowly read the biography of Pope John Paul II, “Witness to Hope”, the chapter entitled “Threshold of Hope” speaks of his efforts to battle the evil of abortion. We are still in the midst of challenging President Obama’s mandate to include access to abortion inducing medicine, birth control and sterilization in health insurance coverage. This is nothing new to our nation and to our presidents. In the chapter I mentioned above we can see how Pope John Paul II worked to limit and confront the attitude of President Clinton. On page 715 it says, “On the day President Clinton was inaugurated, January 20, 1993, he signed five executive orders widening the U.S. Government’s involvement with, and funding of, elective abortion. Four days later the Vatican newspaper, L’Osservatore Romano, published an editorial charging that the “renewal” Clinton had promised in his campaign “comes by way of death and by way of violence against innocent beings.” It was the first salvo in what would become the most serious confrontation ever between the Holy See and the United States government. The confrontation was international in scope. The Clinton administration’s full agenda for the September 1994 World Conference on Population and Development in Cairo was ambitious, and was shared by officials of the United Nations Fund for Population Activities and by major international nongovernmental organizations such as the International Parenthood Federation. It sought nothing less than to define sexual expression, devoid of any connection to marriage or procreation, as a freestanding personal autonomy right under international law, and, in this context, to define a legally enforceable universal human right to abortion on demand.”

Abortion championed as right redefines who we are as sexual beings. Using this evil as a form of birth control destroys our moral character and concern for others. Part of the destruction is to use women simply for pleasure. Any natural consequences to an act that is a sacred gift in marriage - to express love and bring new life into the world -give life. Any unnatural consequences cause inner anguish and national disunity. One year at the Stand for Life on Route 110 in Huntington a woman drove by with her window open, using the middle finger as a hateful gesture, telling us we were wrong because she had seven abortions. Hers was the face of anguish and unrest caused by evil.

Recently we see that Pope Francis appointed a commission to work on correcting those responsible for child abuse, whether directly or indirectly. As a Church we are working to bring hope and healing. For many, especially the media, our efforts are not comprehensive or quick enough. Sadly this evil did not surface overnight, but that is not an excuse to do nothing. In our diocese of Rockville Centre we have an Office for the Protection of Children and the prevention of abuse. Anyone who volunteers in areas that involve children is given a background check and is required to go to a presentation on child abuse. Hundreds of people right in our own parish have been screened and given this workshop. As much as we need to reach out to those who have been victimized, we must also be as pro-active as possible to prevent any further abuse.

Another key area to speak out is in how we vote. If we vote for a candidate who is pro-abortion are we silently, but powerfully allowing this evil to be legal and destroy children in the womb? No candidate is perfect, but voting for someone on the party line no matter what or voting for someone who will be of benefit to us personally first, makes us like the ostrich who puts his head in the sand when trouble comes. Trouble has come, it has been legal since January 22, 1973. More than 55 million children have been aborted. When will this stop? Only when good people have the courage to not only see this evil for what it is, but also the courage to not vote as usual. All the good the people we elect accomplish has a pall cast over it by the rampant destruction of human life everyday. Our own New York State has leadership that promotes and seeks to expand access to abortion, starting with a “Catholic” governor and our “Catholic” congressman. How can we deny that we do not have a hand in child abuse when we vote for candidates who promote, safeguard and seek to expand abortion? It is a lot easier to point a finger at others than ourselves. It is easy to point a finger at the Church and its leadership. You and I are the Church and in our heart and in our conscience we know what is right and God’s way. There is no other road to unity and peace on any level without God’s love, wisdom, and truth. Like the people elected, we too are responsible for the choices we make. Would that we were as zealous at rooting out politicians who promote abortion as we are at rooting out priests, bishops, and others who have abused children. What is this double standard is a sign of?

Good Friday seemed to be the triumph of evil. How blessed we are to know and live in union with the Resurrected Christ who shares His power over sin and death with us. Easter people are far more than a crowd welcoming Jesus into town. We are people who live with the Way, the Life and the Truth!! This weekend we have people with petitions to send to our governor and state legislators expressing our concern for the lives of children in the womb and the continuance of their abuse and destruction through abortion.  

Fr. Walden
Father Walden  

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