Formed is a website offered by the Augustine Institute for parishes. The site is filled with different opportunities for individuals and families to enhance their faith through formation videos, audio lectures, documentaries and family movies all focused around our faith. All of this is available for you free through our yearly parish subscription.

Each week through our bulletin, we will be suggesting certain videos or audio lectures to help strengthen your faith.

Here is how you can access this site: You will need to set up a free account using our parish code. Here is how you can do this:

  1. Go to
  2. Go to the box that says ENTER CODE
  3. Type in our parish code (case sensitive) NQHW7P
  4. Once you have registered and setup a password, you now can browse all the material.

Suggestions of the Week

Walking Through the Valley of the Shadow of Death by Admiral Jeremiah Denton


As we honor our veterans on Veterans’ Day, listen to the story of an American hero, Admiral Jeremiah Denton. Admiral Denton spent more than seven years as a prisoner of war in Vietnam. In this moving presentation, he recalls how, through the power of prayer, he withstood extreme torture rather than betray God or his country. For his valor, he was awarded the Purple Heart, the Distinguished Flying Cross, the Air Medal, the Navy Cross, and the POW Medal. He is now a champion of various humanitarian causes. To download this audio talk, go to the link below or search for Admiral Denton.


Arise from Darkness by Fr. Benedict Groeschel


Well-known author, psychologist, and priest Fr. Benedict Groeschel draws on his own years of personal experiences in dealing with people's problems, tragedies, and"darkness" as he offers help and guidance for any Christian troubled or burdened by life. If you are struggling with fear, anxiety, grief, loss of loved ones, hurt, anger, or anything that makes life difficult or the road through it dark, then this book was written for you. Fr. Benedict offers practical suggestions on how to keep going and even grow with the help of God's grace, even when this help seems remote.


Saint John Paul the Great by Jason Evert


Last week we celebrated the feast day of Pope St. John Paul II, anamazing pope and now Saint. In this audio talk you will discover thefive great loves of Pope Saint John Paul II as Jason Evert, renownedCatholic speaker and author, shares remarkable stories about thissaint’s life from those who knew him, including bishops, studentswhom he taught, and Swiss Guards who interacted with him daily.Jason presents a wealth of insights about this holy man whopromoted devotion to Divine Mercy and Marian consecration, helpeddefeat communism in Europe, wrote the Theology of the Body, andembraced young people like no other. To listen to this audio talk, goto the link below or search for St. John Paul II.


John Paul XXIII


An inspiring feature film on Saint Pope John XXIII, starringEdward Asner in an acclaimed performance as the belovedpontiff, who came from common stock and was known for hissimplicity, courage, and love for humanity. Shot on location inRome and Italy, and produced by the Italian film company LuxVide, makers of Pope John Paul II and Saint Rita, this movietells the whole life story of John XXIII from his youth through hisyoung priesthood, episcopacy, life as cardinal, and eventuallyhis life as Pope.