Parish Outreach Needs You!

Parish Outreach

Our Outreach efforts are most visible during the holiday seasons, but Parish Outreach is busy year-round providing support and service in threedifferent ways:

  1. Direct Service: Food, Clothing, Financial Assistance, Friendly Visitors, Holiday Projects, Homecare/Companions, Job Search, Ministers to Homebound and Sick, Ministers to the Nursing Home, Share-a-Meal, Shelter, Ministry of Prayer (pray at home for special intentions that are mailed to you weekly), Ministry of Consolation (assist families at the time of a funeral).
  2. Convening (Support Groups): Bereavement Group (for those who have lost a loved one), LifeNet (for those experiencing an unexpected pregnancy), Rainbows and Spectrum (for children and adolescents experiencing loss due to death, separation or divoce), PRISM (single parent support group).
  3. Advocacy: Justice & Peace Committee (Members seek to eliminate social injustice through community education & governmental action), Public Policy Network (Committee that helps create awareness and understanding of the Church’s Social Teachings on Peace & Justice), Campaign for Human Development, Community Organizing.

If you would like to volunteer with Parish Outreach or if you need assistance from one of our Parish Outreach ministries, call 631-265-2668 or email