“You are the salt of the earth and Light of the world.”

02-09-2020From the Pastor's DeskFr. Thomas Acheampong, Associate Pastor

In today's gospel, Jesus himself calls his true followers "salt of the earth." And the "light of the world". These are titles of honor, surely, and of the greatest distinction. Christ is putting his true followers on almost a level with himself. He was the light of the world; he was the salt of the earth. He, it was, who gave men the knowledge of the true nature of God, as shown by the Incarnation.

SALT AND LIGHT: As usual, Christ uses everyday similes to bring his teaching home to his hearers. Salt was essential for preserving and savoring meat and other foods. If it ceased to have the power and the flavor of salt, it was no longer of any use. In fact, it was a deception and deceiver, and deserved to be crushed into the ground. So, also, the true Christian must become the preserver and promoter of the true religion, the true service of God on earth. Light dispels and drives away darkness. It is not to be covered. Like a lamp it must be mounted on a lamp stand.

The light that the lamp gives is for everyone in the house. Our light as Christians must glorify the heavenly Father. True Christians must not hide the faith, and the true knowledge of God and of his love for all people which he/she has received. It is not a gift for him or herself alone but its effects must spread out to his neighbors, as the lamp's light spreads around the room. Both salt and light are meant for others never for themselves. Such must be the life of the Christian. By our very calling we are urged to reach out to others in selfless service like Jesus our Master who came not to be served but to serve, giving his life as a ransom for many.

PRAYER: Merciful Father, listen to our prayer which we have made from the depths of our hearts. Give us the grace to understand your teaching and follow you more closely. Through Christ Our Lord. Amen.