Correcting our Impaired Vision

03-26-2017From the Pastor's DeskRev. Msgr. Ellsworth R. Walden

One of the sad things to see in the news is the number of people who are stopped or arrested for DWI. There is also a lesser charge that is also serious called DWAI or driving while ability impaired. Impaired vision or impaired mental or physical skills not only limit us, but in all too many cases cause serious harm to others as well as to those impaired. In today’s Gospel we have the account from St. John of the cure of the man born blind. His lack of vision was from birth, not through any fault of his own. Ironically the religious leaders who are involved in trying to downplay and discredit Jesus have the ability to see with their eyes, but are blind in their minds and hearts. Like DWI, this is an account of a self and willful acquisition of an obstacle that blinds us not only to the power of God in Jesus, but also to the vision that only Jesus can bring into our minds and hearts.


Time with God is Never Wasted

03-19-2017From the Pastor's DeskRev. Msgr. Ellsworth R. Walden

One of the things we do not like to be accused of is wasting time. Last year is over and we cannot go back and re-live it after reflecting on what we did or said. We can “waste” a lot of time with our technological devices, constantly checking text messages, e-mails, and even surfing the Internet. We can waste time by simply being a couch potato in front of the TV. We can waste time daydreaming or hoping things will change, but not looking at what we can do to make changes for the better.


A Look Back at the March for Life

03-12-2017From the Pastor's DeskRev. Msgr. Ellsworth R. Walden

Last week I received an e-mail from William Cassese, the seminarian who was with us for ten weeks this past May, June, and July, recounting his experience with his fellow seminarians at the March for Life in Washington, D.C. William and his fellow seminarians are studying for the priesthood at the Theological College in Catholic University in Washington, D.C. The media does not give this event much coverage at all because of their pro-abortion bias. They consider those who participate in this Pro life march out of step with current American thought and culture. How wrong they are. I invite you to read William’s comments, the comments of an intelligent young man of faith who was part of the March:


Supporting the Last, Least and Lost

03-05-2017From the Pastor's DeskFr. Shibi Pappan

This week's column was written by our associate pastor, Fr. Shibi Pappan.

I will never forget a recent sick call. I thought that it would be like one of the many sick calls we get every week to anoint older people. After being welcomed by the family, I was looking around for the sick person. They introduced me to a thirty year-old man sitting on a couch. First I thought that he was preparing for surgery but the family whispered in my ear that he is counting his days, he had acute cancer that had spread everywhere including the brain. I sat near him, after a momentary silence he asked me “Will you please hear my confession?” After the confession and anointing, I saw a new energy and gratitude in his eyes. I held his hand and asked a question—a question that I never asked before in my life, a question that I would never want to ask again—“Are you ready to go Home?” He smiled and replied, “Yes, I am ready.” Today he is with God.