A Closer Look at the Christmas Story

12-25-2016From the Pastor's DeskRev. Msgr. Ellsworth R. Walden

When we make a choice to do things we have never done before, many different thoughts go through our minds. At times we draw on the experience of others who have done what we are about to do. Today as we celebrate Christmas, the birth of Jesus, God Himself coming into our world, we can easily be blinded to the wonder of this event if we get caught up only in gifts and parties. Since we know what happened, we can easily lose the message that comes from the two key people who lived up to God’s trust in them - Mary and Joseph. It is very easy to look back and see how things worked out. But it is inspiring and a source of awe and wonder to look at the birth of Jesus from the viewpoint of Mary and Joseph. We take their part in the birth of Jesus for granted, but they are a tremendous source of faithfulness in the face of a unique, one-time experience that no two human beings have had before or since.


Emmanuel: God is with Us

12-18-2016From the Pastor's DeskRev. Msgr. Ellsworth R. Walden

One of the fascinating things about getting ready for Christmas is to see the joy and wonder of young children when they see or talk about Santa Claus. During this time of the year, Fr. Fred not only doubles as the prophet Isaiah with his white beard and prophet garb, he is also seen as Santa Claus when we go out. His white beard is highlighted by his red Christmas sweatshirt and Santa hat. When we are in Friendly’s for supper, inevitably there are children who look over and point at him in wonder, thinking Santa is here. When they stop and talk with him he plays the part well and encourages them to be good and to see themselves as the greatest gift.


Through Jesus We Experience a Fuller, Richer, and Better Life

12-11-2016From the Pastor's DeskRev. Msgr. Ellsworth R. Walden

One of the tendencies of our society that creeps into our lives is giving up on people or writing them off as evil or useless. This tendency is alive and well in the media as president-elect Trump is scrutinized and criticized for the people he is choosing for his cabinet and other positions in our government. While I am not defending Trump, I think we have to be aware of the agenda of those who dislike him and are not willing to give him a chance. Our responsibility is always to seek the truth and not be influenced by those who do not see it about Trump or anyone else.


What are we waiting for?

12-04-2016From the Pastor's DeskRev. Msgr. Ellsworth R. Walden

What are you waiting for? How often have we heard that question asked of us and how often have we asked that question of others? As citizens of our nation we are waiting to see what the newly elected president will do as he forms his cabinet and advisors. Most immediately we are aware that Christmas is three weeks away and we still have many things to do to get ready. There are gifts to buy and wrap, cards to send, and visits to arrange. Sometimes we procrastinate and then we start to feel a sense of urgency and that pointed question comes into our mind as a reminder and a push - what are you waiting for?